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weekend, secretary of labor will address the numbers. she says there are more jobs out there, during a ride along columbia. preventing job loss and getting people back to work is the secretary's agenda. howard county falls well below the national unemployment number. and she says 90,000 jobs have been created over the past eight months, but congress still needs to be more supportive of small businesses. >> the real incentive here is to create jobs, tax breaks for small businesses, entrepreneurs who actually hire up people. the federal government doesn't hire up people, it's small businesses and those that know that's the engine of growth. >> coming up at 5:45. we'll hear from some folks currently looking for jobs. in the studio, sherrie johnson,
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abc2 news. it's back to business on the beach. hurricane earl didn't live up to its building as a monster storm, but caused a lot of headaches for visitors and residents. hurricane earl kept many beachgoers out of the water this labor day weekend. a toddler pulled from an anne arundel county pool has passed away. he was taken to baltimore washington medical center where he died. close call on the coast of south carolina. a boat capsized sending seven people, including three children into the ocean. this is coast guard video of the early morning rescue. the party didn't return home on time, after about 20 hours on the water, the coast guard pulled the boaters to safety and
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all were wearing lifejackets. baltimore police are investigating a shooting that sent a 15-year-old boy to the hospital. it happened around 6:00 last night near the intersection of fulton and pennsylvania avenue. according to authorities, the teen was shot in the face. at last check he was in stable condition at an area hospital. police are searching for four suspects who robbed a college student yesterday morning. one suspect tackled the victim, while another took his wallet. >> the suspects are preying on victims during the early morning and late evening hours. we advise anybody traveling during that time to uh, try and travel in pairs or with someone. >> just always be aware, make sure you walk with someone else,
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walk late at night. >> some of the students are being warned to stay alert and not to walk alone. police say a group of suspects are attacking and robbing victims near the nation's capital. no serious injuries have been reported. authorities are working to identify a body found in south baltimore. the discovery was made in west patapsco avenue saturday night. no word on the cause of death right now. three minutes after 5:00. bieber, that's right, bieber. one word says it all. it either gives you a smile on the face or makes you nauseous. thousands of teens, mostly girls, packing into the timonium fairgrounds to get a little
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bieber fever. thousands, we're not kidding, thousands of people packed the fairgrounds on sunday morning to get a shot of bieber tickets. a lucky thousand tweeted on twitter. >> we got here uh, 6:30. it's definitely worth it. there've been sites and everything, it's been crazy. >> i just love him. he's so cute and i love his music. like he, his song somebody to love is one of my favorite songs. >> we love justin bieber! >> you know who we need to talk to? the parents who had to go out at 7:00 a.m.. fans were given wristbands and they were given out on time so they could go at different times. whichever color you got had to
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do with your seat. >> he closed with hotel california. >> i'm sure. justin bieber plays the eagles. >> do we have any shots of him performing? >> we'll see at 6:00. today expect a lot of traffic around m&t bank stadium. maryland and navy are squaring off in the crab bowl this afternoon. the schools are only 28 miles apart, they rarely play one another. baltimore officials, along with the ravens are working to try and get the two teams to play one another every year. these games kick off at 4 oovenlth -- 4:00. bring on the yanks. the orioles took the weekend series against tampa with the rays yesterday, 8-7. the orioles have a chance to shove the ball into the playoff chase. since they earned the race, what
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can they do the next three days in new york? brian matusz will get the ball in the bronx. all right: the holidays are over, kids are back in school, that means more traffic and road rage. >> we have a few simple tips on how to avoid it and keep in mind throughout your daily travels. giving sugar to babies to ease pain may not be working as well as first thought. lynette charles has our out the door forecast. >> i have the maryland and navy forecast as well. big game, check it out here, we'll be seeing ample sunshine in the forecast. check out the high around 83 degrees. clear and mild. kick-off at 4:00 p.m. today. current conditions into rockville, 63 degrees. 62 into annapolis and laurel coming in at 60 degrees. i may have your 7-day forecast and everything else is coming right back up. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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good morning, everyone. happy labor day to you. it'll be an absolutely gorgeous day. you have to get out there and enjoy it. if you don't have plans, go for a long walk or something. it'll be gorgeous. baltimore, temperature at 64 degrees. humidity at 55%. dew point's at 47. feels like 64 about winds out of the north, northeast at 6 miles to 7 miles an hour at this time. as we check out what's happening into ocean city. we're still seeing more of the same today. we'll see much improvement as time comes as well. that temperature right now, 68 degrees, humidity at 70%. feels like 68 with the winds out of the northeast at about 3 miles an hour. much better day than on friday. we'll definitely take that. maryland's most powerful doppler radar has all five sweeps on. looking pretty good as of now from baltimore. you pick a spot, we'll stay nice and sunny throughout the day. we're looking at temperatures to start the morning off elsewhere.
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45 degrees, need a jacket or a sweater, 53 into hagerstown. oakland around 52. charlottesville, coming in around 51. 57 easton, along the eastern shore there, baltimore around 64. low temperatures. let's send it back to the desk, good morning, megan. the blow out preventer that triggered the massive gulf oil spill has finally been raised to the surface. andrew suspensepencer tells us what went wrong causing the worth oil spill in u.s. history. >> reporter: the beginning of hopefully the end. the suspect blow out preventer from the deep water horizon rig has been brought to the surface, taken by the u.s. department of justice. claimed 11 lives and dumped massive amounts of oil into the
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gulf of mexico. it would join other evidence experts are looking at to determine the cause of the april 20th explosion. >> ultimately be taken to a point somewhere on land and put together with the other debris and pieces recovered from the rig itself. >> reporter: the hydrates or crystals that formed on the device in the deep water. they melted and formed a gas. >> we're talking all the precautions necessary so the gas is contained and held and let off properly. >> reporter: bp said in a statement on friday, that could happen by mid-september depending on weather conditions. one bp official present said he hoped recovery would help the families of those who died. >> for the investigation move forward with families, is a major, major thing for the memory of the 11 men.
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it's 5:12 on this labor day monday. hold on, do you have a phobia. >> i'm not a huge fan of magistrates. it's not that i have a phobia. coming up: we'll talk about magicians showing up with the best tricks. number one at the box office this weekend: did you see it? many of you are without a job or trying to find a new one. we want to help you. every single wednesday on good morning maryland, we'll put three video resumes on the air. send us an e-mail at we'll put it on the air and online.
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it is that time of year again, vacation's over, time for kids to go back to school, more and more people are getting back to work, that means more traffic. >> with more traffic comes more of something we all experienced, road rage. here are tips on how to keep
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your road rage in check as we advance now, trying to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of what officials say is becoming a growing problem. >> it's ridiculous. totally ridiculous. >> reporter: most of us have experienced it from one time or another. >> this morning on the beltway, road rage. >> it's crazy out here. >> reporter: it's that feeling you get when someone in front of you is driving slow in the fast lane or when someone cuts you off on the highway. >> can explain that certain finger. >> police say road rage can be more serious than a simple exchange of dirty looks. >> we see fights on the side of the road. >> reporter: highway officials have seen cases of aggressive driving in our state increase. in just four years, the number of cases went up 63%. there was also a 54% jump in the number of injuries and a 9% jump
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in the number of deaths. despite your feelings behind the wheel, there are ways to keep your rage in check. number one: give yourself plenty of time when leaving for work. >> sometimes people are more stressed if they're feeling rushed and encounter back-ups and congestion. give yourselves plenty of time before you even leave were your homes. >> reporter: number two, be courteous. >> be a courteous driver. it's probably the best bet. obey the speed limit, obey the laws of the road. >> reporter: check traffic reports before you leave so you can avoid the jams. and be aware of current construction projects so you can plan your detours. number four: avoid conflict. >> avoid eye contact, avoid using your horn. these are things that trigger people. >> never take on an aggressive driver yourself. >> if you're in an aggressive situation, pound 77, 911 if it's
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that bad or call the local barrack directly. give us a description of the vehicle, occupants in it. >> listen to calming music to calm your nerves. at the end of the day, avoiding the dangers of road rage can be as simple as taking a deep breath and letting it go. >> i just pray on it, keep going. >> just calm myself down. gather my composer and count to three. >> chill out, get to work when you get to work. >> go to for more tips. i just got the special finger last week. >> some guy cut me off twice on the beltway, half an hour later, i catch up to him and he gives me the finger. i said "really, you thought about it for 30 minutes." >> this thing's still rolling. all right.
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all right, i like that, jamie, the special finger. that's my new thing. let's talk about the weather for today. yesterday, oh boy, absolute perfect temperature here, 78 degrees across the area. 82 feeling pretty good. check out oakland, 64 degrees there. little coolish. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot as of now. we have high pressure dominating our area. few showers and thunderstorms, they'll have severe weather across the midwest today. trying to dive down to us, high pressure will block that. plenty of sunshine throughout the day and the next several days. off the coast, we see a stationary front firing up a few showers and thunderstorms there. all in all, things looking pretty good. now we're looking at yes, the hurricane tracker once again. really not for us, letting you know what's going on into the
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gulf of mexico. we have tropical storm herman. goes into motion here. we can see it should be making landfall possibly into tuesday morning, tomorrow morning, on the border of mexico and also on texas. corpus christi, keep your eyes peeled for this one. it moves inland. turns back into a tropical depression. low remnant. with that, bringing lots of rain into the inland area. be on the lookout for that. our weather definitely looking good. we got by with the hurricane that sweeped past ocean city last week. we are looking good today. you see these clouds here. this'll be a dry front that moves through the area. dry means no type of rain or precipitation with that. that's definitely good news. for today, we'll be seeing plenty of sunshine in the
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forecast, around 83 degrees. mostly sunny, it is going to be nice outside as well. as we go through tonight, temperature around 60. mostly clear. we'll have a light breeze out there, then by tomorrow, oh yes, 85 degrees, mostly sunny still, just a little bit warmer in the forecast, things will be nice the next couple days, get out there and enjoy it. back to you. entertainment news this morning: pick a card, any card. the texas association of magicians held their annual magic convention and they were all tricks, look at this. beautiful. way to go. people from as far away as japan and england. beyond the jokes and tricks, it's still a very serious business. >> you love magic. >> i love it. with the season of callbacks. it's clench time on the set of american idol. the new judge search is taking center stage. you're a big fan of this show, i want to know what you think.
5:23 am
kara dioguardi is gone, as well as ellen degeneres and simon cowell. justin timberlake might join them, elton john, j. lo, she was in, out and back in again. and of course, steven tyler. howard stern wanted it too. this is a great weekend for george clooney. his assassin traveller knocked off the competition, debuting at number one. he took in $13 million as the summer season winds down. last weekend's champ wasn't george clooney. so there you go, george clooney. [laughter] >> can't do it now, magic. >> i'm laughing. facebook is testing out a
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new feature. >> the feature is causing problems for some users. find out what it is coming up in today's tech bytes. listen: we're counting down the days. we want to remind you, komen maryland, race for the cure. it's less than a month away. this year the race is earlier than past years. october 3rd. abc2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event starting at 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. here's where you can register for the big race, head to our website, when you get there, look at the top of the page, click on the lifestyle tab and scroll down to think pink. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ]
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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good morning, everyone. happy labor day to you. it'll be a stellar day. we're definitely going to enjoy that. if you missed today for some reason, the forecast looks pretty good. check out the 7-day. 83 degrees for today.
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lots of sunshine in the forecast. by tuesday, warmer, more of the same. we start to cool things back down as a weak cold front tries to work through the area. dropping temperatures back down to seasonable levels. by the weekend, we have a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. let's send it up to new york for tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, controversy surrounds craigslist, even after the website removed its adult services ads. investigation by revealed that ads for adult services could still be found. some alluded to exchanges of cash for sexual services. craigslist hasn't commented. apple ping has a million users and has only been around since wednesday. ping let's users share video of their favorite musicians. users can't tell each other what
5:29 am
they're actually listening to. facebook is testing out a new feature called subscribe. it let's you follow friends like twitter and get noticed whenever they update something. the feature is prompted some concerns that members could use it for stalking. those are your tech bytes, i'm rob nelson.

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